"To see the world,
things dangerous to come to,
to see behind walls,
draw closer,
to find each other,
and to feel.
That is the purpose of life.”

James Thurber

One new photo a day challenge – January 2017

( en Français dans la suite) On the first of January, I started a new project: 'One Bedroom'. And today is the first day of the second month of my challenge, a good day to look at one month of photography. The first difficulty I encountered is that it is winter. And in Scotland in means [...]

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About previous blog posts.

Any blog post prior to this one has been salvaged from my former website, hosted by the disastrous and completely overpriced service format.com. This serviced appeared good to me at first, but it's only because I was lazy and could not care enough to work at something better. Anyways, previous blog posts will not have [...]

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How my mirrorless ruined the DSLR experience for me.

( en Français dans la suite) Hello everyone. This morning I wanted to shortly evocate how my feeling of photography radically changed since I changed camera. The professional photographers will have read countless articles like this one, and I might not have anything new to add to the mix, just wanted to share my experience. [...]

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One new photo a day, every day.

I just started a new project. "One Bedroom".  One new photo a day, every day. It is going to be a challenging one. One Bedroom refers to the Sea and Cake Album. On its cover is displayed a photo of a car by Sam Prekop. Prekop has this talent of turning everyday scenes into beautiful photography. And [...]

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